The Extra Dimension

Specialist Dyslexia Tutoring and Mentoring

Supporting Neurodiverse and Creative Learners Fulfil Their True Potential

Does your child feel they are like a fish being asked to climb a tree?

With appropriate support from another fish, they may be able to learn to “accept the things they cannot change (ie: the tree) and find the courage to change the things they can.”

Do you want your child to discover ways to climb the tree as a fish, by encouraging them to identify and harness their natural fish talents and strengths?

Together we can develop and improve their fish skills

Photo by sofatutor on Unsplash

As a parent do you want to?

How would this happen?

As parents, your support is essential for your child’s success in literacy. You know your child best and we have the expertise and knowledge of unique multi-sensory techniques, which, when brought together, makes us a powerful team. 

Sessions are guided over Zoom, using PowerPoint, harnessing many years of experience. This accelerates learning outcomes and boosts your child’s confidence, which is then transferred to other areas of school life. We look forward working with you.

Who do we work with?

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