About The Extra Dimension


With over 15 years of experience, I deeply understand the daily challenges faced by students and their parents. I love creating a positive learning environment by focusing on students’ unique strengths to help them overcome their challenges. 

I offer more than just teaching literacy skills. By using the Alpha to Omega program, I gently guide students through spelling and reading, improving their literacy, creativity, vocabulary, communication, confidence, and ICT skills in a fun and structured way.

Growing up as an undiagnosed neurodiverse child was tough for me. I struggled socially, emotionally, and physically and felt misunderstood. It affected my academic performance too. As an adult, I was diagnosed with several conditions and decided to use my experiences to help others. I became a Specialist Dyslexia Tutor and I educate parents about neurodiversity. I believe my students have hidden potential and break down barriers to help them achieve it. In my free time, I enjoy socialising, studying positive psychology, and pursuing personal and spiritual development.

I have been actively involved with the Thames Valley Dyslexia Centre since 2007, as a service user, tutor, and supporter of their wonderful work.

Relevant Qualifications/ Experience  

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology 
  • Positive Psychology in Coaching 
  • Pawsb Certificate in Mindfulness in Schools (MISP) 
  • Specialist Coach Training for AD(H)D and Autistic Conditions 
  • OCR Level 5 Certificate in Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties 


With over 30 years in the Business Administration sector, I specialise in empowering neurodivergent business owners like Judith to fulfil their potential by removing the daily tasks which they find challenging. 

I am passionate about the environment and reducing businesses’ negative impact and love working on projects for creative and busy people. 

Becoming a freelancer was a pivotal moment in my life, as it gives me the flexibility to work with amazing individuals and help them build better businesses.

If you want to learn more about my services, please get in touch.

Relevant Qualifications/Experience

  • CSR-A Gold Accreditation
  • Asana Together Certified Trainer
  • NCFE Level 4 Event and Wedding Planning Certificate
  • BTEC in Management Studies 
  • Secretarial Diploma

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